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109 weeks ago in London. b a d c
135 weeks ago I was freezing my ass off in a Paris cometary. Ohai Jim Morrison’s bones! b a d c
Independent, 9/12/14 - photos : @marciatakesphotos b a d c
© b a d c
I love Black Map!  (at The Independent) b a d c
Loading. (at The Independent) b a d c
23 hours from now me and my brothers will be on stage at the Independent SF. STRATA. b a d c
Programming some trannies for Friday at the Independent. Hope to see you there! b a d c
Making sharpie shirts for the Strata show b a d c
In the window at the Independent b a d c
Beauty Is Individual. (at Limon Salon) b a d c
Fun at petroglyph for Angie’s birfday!  (at Petroglyph, Willow Glen) b a d c
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