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✏️🎸🎀🎢 b a d c
Lovely care package from my good friends at @sanfranpsycho —- support the local homies. b a d c
Flash Back to a sold out Limos show last year at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Photo Sam Saturday. b a d c
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That ain’t tea in them cups! b a d c
Never underestimate the importance of context. b a d c
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Made pastas and sauces from scratch today with this family of ding dongs. What a great time and a perfect bunch of humans 🍝🍷🍴😍 (at Cucina Bambini) b a d c
Otter pop! Thanks to the amazing @ivolimon  (at Limon Salon) b a d c
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I’m so proud of my buddy @lauvergirl !! She is one of the strongest and impressive humans I know - started her own business in the middle of the recession and just this month moved into a huge, beautiful new spot right by @bigsbyhouse on Park. Come to her grand opening party! b a d c
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Practicing with Strata has made me think a lot about the stuff in my life that I wrote about pretty extensively in my first book Coma Therapy. It’s crazy to think it was released almost ten years ago… The stories in this book were kind of like companions to the last Strata album, some about touring, some about watching dreams die and love bloom and then shrivel up. This book is one of the few things I’m still really proud of so many years after it’s creation. Lastly, it stands in my mind as a symbol of how supportive so many of you have been over all these years, to walk with me - from strata to books to limousines to artwork and whatever comes next. I love you guys, thank you. (at Campbell Park) b a d c
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